Compassion, the real meaning

Issue 45 Monday, April 1, 2013

Hi Guys,

Compassion is the theme of the issue this week and I’m going to discuss it a little here because I cannot emphasise enough, the importance of understanding what compassion means and its application.

A friend has already called me “loopy” for writing and publishing the subjects I do and she will probably stop reading these newsletters altogether after this one because, what I - and certain others – say in this issue, will be difficult as to be almost impossible, for most people to understand, let alone take aboard.

However I stand by everything we promulgate in these publications and I ask that you please make the effort to truly absorb what is being said in the two main feature and Human Interest stories today. If properly understood they will touch you deeply I believe. Note too, that the Human Interest story aligns and supports what Bashar states in the Genius Perspectives article. Very powerful.

Our purpose with these newsletters is to encourage expanded thinking and greater fulfilment, and compassion, in its purest sense, is much more all encompassing and far more important to our growth and evolution, than most of us are aware.

On the same subject, some sobering information has just come in from my son in his Jakarta prison. Today while waiting for sentence in court (eventually cancelled), he witnessed two local men sentenced for transporting a truckload of ecstasy from Holland to Indonesia. One was given life imprisonment, which over there means twice his current age, and for the other it was the death penalty. They were “totally calm” he said. It was “scary”, he also said.

What about the judge who passes these sentences? How do these people feel? Since compassion is our topic, where does this kick in? One cannot help but feel that we have become victims of our own zeal and righteousness and that, is pretty damn scary too. Compassion, compassion; it’s there, we just have to access it.

Lots to think about for sure, take care and I shall see you next on April Fool’s Day.

In love and in light,

Robin xx

G Quotes
Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace. - Albert Schweitzer
  • Do we know the true meaning of compassion? It will be a bitter pill for most people to swallow when they realise they are not really compassionate at all after reading our lead feature “Compassion – the real meaning”

  • Genius Perspective articles must always be read with the lead feature – whether before or after doesn’t matter. It is the different perspective which counts. This week it is Bashar’s profound description of compassion that will touch your soul, but you’ll need to read it a few times, yes, it’s one of those ....

  • Still on the compassion trail, we have re-run Robin’s Human Interest piece, re-titled “Lesson in Compassion”. We’ve run it again because it is relevant to the theme this week and it supports Bashar’s channelling in Genius Perspectives. This epiphany occurred in the millenium year 2000.   

Lead Feature

Compassion – the real meaning

By Robin Duff

Suddenly, compassion is a word that is being thrown around.

It is a word with strong religious connotations and if you check websites with compassion in the name, you will find that indeed, they are predominantly religious and we have to sternly ask ourselves why this is. Compassion is not the exclusive reserve of any organisation after all.

Compassion for most, means mistreated animals and kids, the under privileged and poverty stricken people in third world countries, and those dying of terminal illnesses and old age. Hence the religious hijack for, although there are countless operations around to deal with all the aforementioned, they are not really synonymous with or aligned to, “compassion”.

No-one sees their local doctor or hospital staff or those who work in government handout offices as compassionate, yet these are the very people who are meant to be. Their forebears, the compassionate individuals who initiated these institutions, who recognised that the ill and the deprived could not be allowed to continue living the way they were, were certainly compassionate.

We live in modern civilised times we are told, so it is a sobering thought to realise that we are conditioned to think the way we do by sheer force of repetition, meaning that if something is done enough times, our physical minds pick this up as a given. The thing, the word, or whatever it is we have seen, heard or been told repeatedly becomes fact.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines compassion thus: sympathetic pity and concern for the suffering and misfortune of others . However, now that we have passed the 2012 marker and have moved into an energy that is enabling us to be more aware of, and in tune with, the muilti-dimensional universe around us, a little more enlightened in other words, perhaps it is also time to expand on the very three dimensional definitions we have grown up with and to look into their greater meanings.

Compassion is a grand word and perhaps we, as human beings need to step into and live up to it.

All inclusive

First of all compassion isn’t the same as sympathy and pity. Run a little test on yourself right now. Feel sympathy and then pity and then compassion. If you get it right you will note the difference. Sympathy and pity are almost patronising. Compassion harmonises, enabling us to feel with the individual in distress rather than feel for them.

What about feeling compassion for the thousands of prisoners, rapists, murderers and Hitlers of the world? Is this normal? Or even likely? Not really.

Do we believe that these genres of people are happy about what they do? We can scan Facebook to find lengthy threads abusing perpetrators of rape, paedophilia and other heinous acts – those who have been criminally charged or those who have been caught on camera - and it is understandable that we do. But we also need to stop, take a deep breath and question our own volatile natures when we fall into an abuse pattern that is only a few steps away from violence in itself. When does the abused become the abuser? When does the abuser become the abused? It becomes a deadly cycle and the victims or the loved ones of victims, will almost always blindly lash out believing they are right in reacting, very publicly, with hate and revenge.

it is at times like this that we need to come to grips with the real meaning of the word compassion and understand our true human natures, for these people, the ones who do terrible things to others, are the ones who need our compassion most of all. They need help and support in the exact same way that the impoverished and sick do. It is just that generally, blinded by anger and emotion, we fail to see that base truth.

Another slant

A woman in her forties (this was sometime ago, she is now dead), whose mother had deserted her as a child was never able to recover from this fact. She was never able to enjoy fulfilling relationships, she married and divorced twice, blamed her absent mother for what she perceived as her own shortcomings and lack of success in life and was in constant therapy because of it.

What she didn’t know was that her mother at 17, had fallen pregnant, was forced by family and social protocol to marry the father, did not want children anyway but when the child arrived spent four miserable years trying to make a go of both wife and motherhood. She felt she was going insane and that she would end up killing the child if she remained in the situation, so she ran away, quite literally into the night - thinking it was the best thing to do for both husband and child - never to return.

It transpires that this mother, who was only 21 when she left, managed to make something of her life and in later years became relatively well known in her field but before the daughter could make contact, she died. The daughter never forgave the mother for deserting her, for never trying to contact her and blamed her totally for the psychological problems weighing her down.

This is one of those harrowing tales where one lot of people know one set of facts and another group know the other set and only after a few years are the facts knitted together and usually too late. It is also a classic case of facts not known, assumptions made and a rigid belief system not allowng for any other reason or reasons why someone could possibly run off other than that they were cold, selfish and uncaring.

In both cases, compassion was the missing ingredient.

The mother didn’t receive any from the family she left and it doesn‘t seem as if the daughter did either. Although she was in therapy, therapists generally fall into the doctors and hospitals category described above. There to help, but lacking in the ingredient that is vital to really help.

Is there a how...?

Bashar states that compassion is always confused with sympathy and pity but they are far from being the same. Sympathy and pity play on the individual’s emotions and are thus disempowering (Bashar is the extra terrestrial channelled through Darryl Anka).

Empathy and compassion on the other hand, are empowering, he says. Both statements take some working out and we refer back to what we said about the meanings of words. As we evolve, we need to refine our understanding of them although one could also argue that it isn’t necessary to use words at all. Action, as the saying goes, speaks louder than words and it is the actual doing that’s important, not necessarily talking about it.

Compassion in action can be simply sitting quietly and empathetically with someone. It isn’t necessary to try and make them feel better, to take them out of what they are feeling, Bashar explains.

The acknowledgement of the feeling is the first step in changing it,” he continues.

You can’t change what you don’t own.

So the idea is not to cajole them out of what they’re feeling but to be with them in the way that they are feeling, in a way that can gently guide them in an appropriate manner.”

Some people think it is a good thing to jolly people out of the state they are in but Bashar says that this is often a statement about the person doing the jollying.

If you rush to humour them, to pull them out of the doldrum, you yourself may actually be scared of feeling what they’re feeling ... and not wanting that in your reality ... which means that you are actually disempowering yourself instead of knowing that you are strong enough to be able to ‘hold them in your energy arms’ while they go through what they are going through and to gently coax them back into their empowerment when it’s appropriate.”


Cyprus, Syria & world chaos

We can ask ourselves if we feel sympathy, pity, empathy or compassion for the many countries in trouble? Are we able to feel compassion for those we perceive as the people who put us there? Do we think that those responsible are rejoicing and laughing at us? All heads of state (apart from George Bush Jnr) look terrible after a couple of years in power. Why do we think this is? Hundreds of questions leap to mind but the biggest one is, are we evolved enough to feel compassion for those who have done so much harm? 

Genius Perspective

Why people suffer

The transcription below is Bashar’s powerful and definitive explanation to a live audience as to why people suffer. Throughout, he stops to ask his audience if they are following him – it is not a simple concept - & we ask the same of you. Please read this piece several times. It is important to your greater understanding and compassionate nature.

Can you imagine a being so compassionate, so unconditionally loving that it will choose to live a life of suffering because it knows that if it does so, it will trigger in you the same compassion to make sure it will never happen again. Can you imagine that?

Understand of course that you have to look at it on a case by case basis, because there as many reasons why people are experiencing those kinds of lives as there are people experiencing them.

But do remember, you are, all of you are, an eternal spirit, an eternal indestructible spirit . The physical experience – and I’m not justifying it – in that sense, is only a part of it, part of the total experience of the spirit.

If the spirit knows that an act of unconditional love, in going into a life, that it may experience a certain kind of suffering for awhile, will actually open the eyes and awaken others to how they can go about changing their world, to be something more positive, many spirits will actually choose to do that, out of love.

They may not remember that they did it when they are physical, it may make no sense to them when they are physical or to anyone else, but there is a reason.

There is always a reason.

Now, yes, sometimes, because of the nature again of the belief systems that exist on your planet, many people for thousands of years on your planet, have not known that they can actually make a conscious choice to experience the kind of life that they prefer.

When a being on your planet dies, not knowing it can make a conscious choice, it will sometimes – especially in what you call the past – sometimes, simply pick up right away in another life, that in your terms would be reflective of unresolved issues from the past one. Do you follow me? I’m speaking linearly here for a moment.

So sometimes, the experiences of people, even children obviously, having lives that you see in that manner as having described as suffering, may be the result of not knowing consciously, that they could have chosen something else.

When the word choice is used it doesn’t always mean it’s a conscious choice. The key, especially in the present life is to learn to make these choices consciously, intentionally. And to know that you have the power, that you have the option, that’s the key. Then, then – you can transform all these things.

But, right now, Earth being what it is, the consequences and product of thousands of years of fear, there are still a lot of people on your planet who are caught up in fear. Still a lot of people who are perpetrating a lot of negative things against other people.

Spirits know that that’s the territory they’re entering (before they reincarnate back on Earth). They understand it may be rough, but they also understand what the consequences may be, (they understand that because) of their willingness to go through that experience because of the number of people they may actually help by doing so. Do you follow?

It is not a justification for the negative act but these things are all done in some way shape or form by agreement by orchestration, even if it is an unintentional or unconscious one, there are still the consequences of energy. And even though you could say ‘Well I didn’t intentionally make that choice’, if you choose to perpetuate certain negative belief systems within yourself , that will always have a particular consequence according to the *Third Law, so even if a person doesn’t necessarily in their mind want something bad to happen to them, but are always afraid it might, then they are choosing something bad to happen to them.

That’s the same thing. Being afraid that something might happen is the same thing as saying you are choosing it. Because what you’re saying is, that out of all your belief systems, out of all of them, that’s the one you believe is most likely going to happen. That’s the one you’re giving the power to.

Therefore that’s the consequences you get and thus it can be said it was a choice ... even if you’re not in touch with exactly how that might have occurred, mechanistically speaking.

But the issue is to become more aware of how that happened so that you can choose with eyes open. So that generation after generation things can get, as you say, more peaceful, more nurturing, more loving, more creative, more supportive. That’s what this transformational age on your planet is all about. That’s why you’re also seeing an increase in all the negativity because you’re getting everything up out of your system. All the things you’ve been holding onto for thousands of years, all the fears, all the negative acts, you’re putting them all out on the table, saying ‘look, look, look at what we have made our world to be...look what we have made ourselves to be... is this what we want? Is this what we want to be?

If the answer is no, then help. Do something that is a positive reflection. Be of assistance to those people. Relieve the suffering where you can and let others know that those that perpetrate the suffering are themselves suffering, that’s why they do it.

Please remember, it takes a victim to make a victim – you understand?

You must do things that break the chain of victimisation beginning with the perpetrator, because the only reason why they do what they do is because they have been taught to believe that they are unworthy, that they are disconnected, that they are powerless and in living in the terror of the experience of being disconnected from their power, believe me, they will still want to reach out to whoever they can, but, being that they are perpetuating a negative spiral they will reach out in a negative way because it’s the only way they’ve been taught to express themselves.

But, when they are taught to believe they are powerful, that they are an aspect of God, that they can live the life of joy that they prefer to live, there will be no need to force themselves on anyone else, there will be no need to control, there will be no need ... do you follow me?”


  1. *The Third law: What you put out is what you get back, can’t change that. The energy you give off based on your belief, your behaviours, the vibrational frequency you give off, determines what you get back. Reality is like a mirror. You must smile first for the reflection to do the same thing. No choice. Physical reality very much like a mirror will not change until you do first. It has no option because it is only a reflection.

Human Interest

Lesson in compassion

I was once involved with a spiritual organisation which holds daily hour long 6am meditation sessions at their centres worldwide. This particular morning was in Los Angeles. I had just settled into meditation when quite suddenly something seemed to happen in my mind or brain and the sensation of watching a movie without the visuals began to take place. It was like a download of information that was nothing like I’d experienced before or since.

The message, was clear, powerful, unmistakeable. And it was this.

We are all eternal souls and between earthly lifetimes we are all ‘friends’ in various dimensions existing in a state of pure love. We are meant to live and breathe love anyway, and really, we do, but most of us have forgotten who we were before reincarnating back to Earth so it is difficult to recapture this pure love state. I could feel it however. Overwhelmingly, and it was not long before all this emotional truth and feeling of love and bliss was too much for me and I began to cry, tears rolling down my face silently.

As eternal souls we all know we are returning to Earth at some stage to continue the ‘work’ we have been doing for sometimes thousands of years and through hundreds of lifetimes. We are eager to return but we also know in advance that once we do we will forget who we really are. We will forget our pure spiritual loving beingness and we will take on the dual nature of the human being with all its weaknesses and flaws. In other words the physical material being will take over and dominate.

In our earthly lifetime our only lesson is to remember who we really are, no matter what our roles might be. We are energy packages of pure love, we are compassionate beings, we are all equals and these are among the things we are meant to remember. Before returning we decide who we are going to be and what we will do, though nothing is set in stone as to how and what we will do once here. Earth allows free choice.

The toughest most difficult roles are those of murderers, serial killers, rapists, cruel leaders responsible for thousands, sometimes millions, of deaths. And some of us step forward willingly to take on these roles, knowing the difficulties, knowing they will be hated and reviled. It is an opportunity to teach people compassion and an opportunity for they themselves to remember who they really are and learn their own lessons while in human form.

Someone has to be Hitler, or Saddam Hussein (these names were actually mentioned in my head) because “someone has to do it” it was said. “Someone has to play the role of the bad guys” (by now I was sobbing uncontrollably, tears streaming down my face, all while people were still meditating).

“Your best friend who is about to become perhaps your killer on Earth will say to you ‘please try to remember who I am, remember that you love me, remember that I love you, remember that all is love. Remember that I am really a loving eternal Spirit as are you. These are lessons, please remember who we are.”

I have never been able to see a serial killer or world leader dictators in the same way as I once did, ever since.

- Robin Duff



The four aspects

It is a known fact in the ballet and dance world, that as he got older and in the years leading up to his death, Rudolph Nureyov took at least an hour to properly stretch his body parts out to normalcy once he got out of bed in the mornings. It was a long arduous routine he had to endure because of the extremes to which he had pushed his body over too many years. But the miraculous thing was that once he did stretch himself out and the stiff muscles were oiled and back in working order, he would dance as though there was not a thing wrong with his ailing body at all. His adoring audiences never guessed the tortuous truth of it.

There is a happy medium to all things. We don’t have to make life so difficult that it becomes an endurance test or difficult or painful. Balance. Life really is about balance. Basically we comprise four main aspects of ourselves, or four bodies. The mental, the physical, the spiritual, the emotional. In order to sustain a decent balance, all these need to be within reasonable touching distance of each other. There is no point having a finely tuned physical body if you do not give any attention to your spiritual body for example, and you are doing more harm than good if you charge around in a constant state of emotional upheaval or worse, suppression, rather than drawing out the threads of any emotional problem cause, to work out what needs to be addressed and how. It can be done you know, and only you can do it.

Physical action is the easiest of all our four bodies to knock into shape, but how good are you at maintaining that? We are blessed with all the tools we need to lead awesomely fulfilled lives, all you have to do is know that base truth and address all four aspects with full awareness and self love. 

You Looking at You

Pure and simple

Pay attention to what you are looking at in your world. Pause for the beautiful and the not so beautiful. Take time to actually appreciate what you can see and feel. Never judge the stranger who passes you in the street. Instead, remember that you, too, are a stranger to everyone on the street. You, as a stranger, are outnumbered. Walk on this Earth with the attitude that you are breathing with all these “souls” as best as you can. Sometimes it’s difficult but the truth is that breathing “kindness” into the air is the purest oxygen of all.

Excerpt 2 from Caroline Myss


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